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Erik Scrape:  Synths, computers, keyboards, programming,  sequencing, vocals, effects


Allison Scrape: live keyboards


Raw, intense, aggressive, extremely personal, quite possibly insane, and taboo are words often used to describe Scrape for the uninitiated.  Started in 1993 as a creative outlet to expel negative energy, Scrape has grown in both scope as well as sound and production over several releases and live performances into a hybrid of industrial and disturbing EBM.



“...offers a powerful mix of old electro music with a fresh breath of terror-EBM, bringing the listeners into loud, harsh and destabilizing soundscapes which, for the most of it, had remain unexplored.”

---Pierre Pinsonnault, Electro-Chocs (CFOU)


“...galaxies away from today's copy/paste industrial artists and their songwriting is really original.  All the usual ingredients are here, distorted vocals, scary synth lines, killer bass grooves but there's something more.”

---DJ TeKslave, Synthetike Kakophonie (CIBL)


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